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Phonetic Russian Keyboard Layout 2.1

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Phonetic Russian Keyboard Layout
Russian: there is no need for translit instead of Cyrillic anymore! The offered "Student" Phonetic layout for Russian typing was widely used in Windows 3/95/98 time frame in 3rd party "Russian typing programs"; suggested by for the use by students and teachers and now it is offered here as an alternative layout for the system keyboard tools in Windows XP and newer (see Info_e.htm inside offered ZIP file). ***** Installation is easy - just click on Setup.exe file after extracting all the files from the ZIP you downloaded. ***** It's also possible to make active again a standard Russian layout instead of this Phonetic one - either run Setup again and choose "Uninstall" option or even easier - add standard Russian keyboard layout for the Russian Input Language in Control Panel and then place a cursor to a Phonetic layout and click on Remove. Now only standard keyboard layout is listed as active for Russian input!
Phonetic Russian Keyboard Layout
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Author: PSG International Online Services
License: Freeware
File Size: 287.0 KB
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